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  2011 Cremant
(A Champagne style from Glenrowan!!)
From the cold year of 2011, select parcels of our Chardonnay & Mt Bruno Chenin Blanc were hand picked and co-fermented to make this stunning, flavoursome Cremant. Fresh fruit and yeasty aromas follow through to a mouth tingling sensation. The finish is crisp & dry with lingering flavours. This will age gracefully for many years.
  2015 Pinot Gris
A fresh, young wine made from cool climate fruit from the Murtagh Bros vineyard in the King Valley. Delicate flavours of Nashi pear and a crisp acid finish make this an ideal aperitif. Ideal enjoyed young but will age for 3 - 5 years.
  2016 Castle Hill Chardonnay
A beautifully balanced Chardonnay from a pretty vineyard on Castle Hill Rd, Swanpool, in the upper reaches of the Broken River valley. Delicate aromas of melon fruit and butterscotch with soft, spicy oak and a crisp, clean finish. Made for us at Kooyonga Creek Winery, Swanpool.
  2016 Riesling
Fresh aromas of citrus and honey follow through onto the palate and leave a crisp, medium dry finish. This wine will age beautifully for many years.
  2004 Late Picked Riesling
A rich and luscious dessert wine with complex citrus/floral/honey characters with hints of apricot and marmalade. Ageing well and will continue for many years.
  2016 Moscato
Our second attempt at this wine. A more full bodied style. A fun wine that is pink and pretty with aromas of rose petals and raisins. Best enjoyed young.
  2014 Cabernet Rose
This wine has a deep pink colour with aromas of rose petals and black currant. A slightly sweet style of wine but has body and flavour and a smooth palate. Best enjoyed young.
  2014 Kelly Red
A blend of the best remaining Cabernet, Shiraz and Merlot made at an economical price to suit all budgets! As a clean skin too! Will age 4 - 6 years.
  2013 Sparkling Shiraz
A hand crafted "red champagne". Big, rich and beautiful with amazing depth and complexity. Ideal with turkey and cranberry sauce or game dishes. A delight for that special occasion. Will age for 4 - 6 years.
  2013 Cabernet Shiraz
A carefully selected blend of Cabernet & Shiraz to give a complex but economical, full bodied red. It has rich characters of chocolates & caramel and a smooth, lingering finish. Will age 8 - 10 years.
  2014 Merlot
A full bodied merlot with plum fruit on the nose with hints of leather and spicy oak that follow with a soft, lingering finish. Will age 8 - 10 years.
  2013 Shiraz
A full bodied style with deep red to crimson colours and lifted ripe fruit. A big, lingering palate of rich plum characters, hints of mocha and caramel with firm tannins but a soft, dry finish. Will age 10 - 15 years.
  2014 Cohorts Shiraz
Made by friends for friends in the time consuming and not terribly economic way. Hand picked and hand processed to produce a wine of great elegance, depth and complexity. Will age 6 - 8 years.
  2013 Cabernet Sauvignon
A full bodied style with deep, brick red to crimson colours. Hints of spice & black currants on the nose follow through to an elegant palate with a smooth drying finish. Will age 10-15 yrs.
  2014 Durif
Made from a small parcel of fruit from a vineyard nearby at Mt Bruno. This cool year wine shows lovely, spicey aromatics and a big lingering palate with a silky tannin finish. Will age 10-15 years.
  2005 Late Bottled Vintage Port
A rich, fruity, complex style of Vintage Port. A mouth filling wine with hints of liquorice, chocolate and caramel flavours. These wines age well for many years.
  Herceynia Tawny 500ml
A young tawny port with a delicious balance of aged rancio and fresh fruit characters. A sweet, full bodied, fruity style showing rich plum and ripe berry fruit with a hint of caramel and chocolate and a velvety smooth finish.
  Classic Muscat 500ml
A luscious young muscat with intense, sweet, raisin fruit characters. The wine shows the true essence of muscat, fresh, fruity with intense raisin and floral aromas. Great "on the rocks" or as a mixer.
  Silver Jubilee Grand Muscat 500ml
A blend of our oldest muscat, specially prepared for our 25th year. Rich, aged rancio characters lead to a luscious and lingering finish. Ideal with cheeses or dessert.

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